City: [SHILLONG]. State: [MEGHALAYA] Zip: [793004]
Phone: [+91 708-590-1345]. Email: [info@nsmtravels.in]

Terms and Conditions

We offer travel-related services and accommodations, Car Rental service only north east state including

The Travel Agency will offer the above-listed services and accommodations to business and consumer clients as part of travel packages pursuant to the terms of this travel agency agreement.

Travel Agency Responsibilities
Please Note: We will not be responsible for third party link and any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances like landslides, road blocks, bad weather, etc.

Our Liabilities & Limitations:

If it’s not too much trouble note that after the finish of the Visit/administration Cost, if there are any Climb in extra charges of landmarks/exhibition halls, Assessments, fuel cost or guide charges – by Govt of India, the equivalent would be charged as extra.

We will not be answerable for any postponements and adjustments in the program or costs caused – legitimately or in a roundabout way – because of normal perils, flight retractions, mishap, breakdown of hardware or types of gear, breakdown of transport, climate, disorder, avalanches, political terminations or any untoward occurrences.

We will not be liable for any misfortune, injury or harm to individual, property, or in any case regarding any settlement, transportation or different administrations, coming about – legitimately or by implication – from any demonstration of GOD, risks, fire, mishap, breakdown in hardware or gear, breakdown of transport, wars, common unsettling influences, strikes, riots, robberies, pilferages, pestilences, clinical or custom office guidelines, defaults, or some other causes outside our ability to control.

We don’t have any protection strategy covering the costs for mishap, ailment, misfortune because of robbery, or some other reasons. Guests are encouraged to look for such protection courses of action in their nation of origin. All stuff and individual property/s consistently are at the client’s risk. [NSMTRAVEL.IN]