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Assam is a state in northeastern India, arranged south of the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and Barak River valleys. Assam covers a region of. The state is circumscribed by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh toward the north; Nagaland and Manipur toward the east; Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, and Bangladesh toward the south; and West Bengal toward the west by means of the Siliguri Corridor, a piece of land that interfaces the state to the remainder of India.

The state was the primary site for oil boring in Asia. Assam wild natural surroundings for the Asian elephant. The Assamese economy is supported by untamed life in the travel industry to Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park, which are World Heritage Sites. Sal tree backwoods are found in the state which, because of plenteous precipitation, look green lasting through the year. Assam gets more precipitation than most pieces of India; this downpour takes care of the Brahmaputra River, whose tributaries and oxbow lakes furnish the locale with a hydro-geomorphic condition.

Assam tourist spot Kamakhya Temple Most Attraction Places


Khamakhya Temple do you want to see. the kamakhya temple this temple most attraction place of tourism spot because the kamakhya temple one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti pithas this temple situated on the nilachal hill in Guwahati city in Assam this temple also know as kamrup-kamakhya temple this temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the mother goddess kamakhya. Khamakhya temple individual temples Mahavidyas of Saktism : Kali, Tara, Sodashi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamalatmika.Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chhinnamasta, Among these, Tripurasundari, Matangi, and Kamala reside inside the main temple whereas the other seven reside in individual temples.

Kaziranga National Park


Kaziranga National Park is one of the pride of Assam. It is important to mention that this endangered Indian is the home of a horned rhinoceros and was also declared a tiger sanctuary in 2006, accommodating the highest density of tigers in the world. The national park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is a large park with an area of ​​about 429.93 km।. It belongs to two districts of Assam – Golaghat and Noagaon. Kaziranga tourism is not just about opening one of the many horned rhinoceros or tigers, it is a great base to walk in peace, but also to see three big vegetarians, Asian elephants, Asian water buffalo and live in the park. For swamp deer. Kaziranga National Park has also been demarcated by BirdLife International as an important bird area for the conservation of wild bird species. One of the many attractions in Kaziranga National Park is to visit elephants inside the park operated by a trained Mahavat. Walking in the open ground on these majestic animals is a special gift. Other options for viewing the national park are to book a jeep or four-wheeler.

Manas National Park Assam

Manas National Park or Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is a national park located in Assam, India. The reserve is a natural world heritage site declared by UNESCO, tiger reserve project, elephant reserve area is a reserved biosphere. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, this sanctuary is adjacent to Bhutan’s Royal Manas National Park The park is known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife like Assam roofed turtles, herped rabbits, golden langurs and peggy hogs. Manas is famous for its population of bison. A horned rhinoceros (Indian unicorn) and reindeer are found here. It is spread over an area of ​​950 square kilometers under the supervision of the Bodo Regional Council in the Terai of Bhutan, under which the area of ​​60.04 square kilometers established under Project Tiger in 1973 also comes under Manas Vigor Protected Area.

It was given the status of a World Heritage Site in 1975 but due to Bodo insurgent activities in the late eighties and early nineties, the park was removed from the World Heritage Site list in 1929. Since June 2011, it has been included again in UNESCO World Heritage.

Umananda Island Assam

Umananda Island

Umananda Island situated in Guwahati city in Assam this place most attraction for tourists because this Umananda island is the midst of river Brahmaputra. umananda island of the smallest islands of the world. And includes the Umananda temple dedicated to Shiva.

Zoo cum Botanical Garden Assam Tourist Spot

Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden Assam Zoo Cum Botanical Garden spread acre 432 acre. Assam Zoo Cum Botanical Garden most popular garden for tourists. Assam Zoo Cum Botanical Garden situated northeast state Assam. Assam Zoo Cum Botanical Garden has 895 animals, from around the world 113 species of animals and birds. Assam Zoo Cum Botanical Garden largest in the northeast region. Assam Zoo Cum Botanical Garden located the hengrabari reserved forest at Guwahati.

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