Umiam Lake is a repository in the slopes north of Shillong in the province of Meghalaya, India. It was made by damming the Umiam River in the mid 1960s. The foremost catchment zone of the lake and dam is spread more than 220 square km.

History Umiam Lake

Umiam Dam, which appropriates the lake, was worked by the Assam State Electricity Board in the mid 1960s. The dam’s unique object was to store water for hydroelectric force age. The Umiam Stage I powerhouse, north of the lake, has four 9-MW turbine-generators, which entered business activity in 1965. Umiam Stage I was the principal supply stockpiling hydroelectric venture appointed in the northeastern locale of India. Three additional phases of the Umiam Project were in this manner manufactured downstream. Traveler goal The lake fills in as a significant vacation destination for the territory of Meghalaya. It is likewise a mainstream goal for water game and experience offices. Voyagers visit this spot for kayaking, water cycling, hurrying, and sailing. Environmental impact Apart from putting away water for power age, the lake likewise gives various biological system administrations at smaller scale, meso and large scale levels. Downstream water system, fisheries, and drinking water take into account nearby anthropogenic needs. Lethal danger and silting Due to the rising populace of Shillong upstream of the lake, the lake is beginning to turn out to be exceptionally dirtied. Likewise, there is the substantial issue of silting. An expected of sediment enters Umiam Lake consistently. Causes run between upstream infringements, deforestation, blockage of characteristic seepage frameworks, and informal mining et al. in the catchment zone. Extreme sediment load in the lake has brought down the capacity.